Discover SCIENCE with Drew and Nia


Drew and Nia, and their little sidekicks, love to learn alongside one another. Join these two best friends as they learn about sleep, germs, mucus, and MORE!

Drew and Nia speak both Spanish and English! To learn in Spanish, click the blue Español button beneath each video.

Click on the videos below to join Drew and Nia on an adventure.

Mucus Madness

Ah-choo! Uh oh, better get Drew a tissue. He isn’t feeling so well. Join Drew and Nia as they discuss SNOT.

Make a Sleep Routine

Most kids need about 10 to 11 hours of sleep each night. Learn alongside Drew and Nia about making a sleep routine!

Germs: Don’t Make Me Sick!

Germs are everywhere! Drew and Nia learn why they need to wash their hands and how to prevent getting sick.

Don’t Miss A Beat: All About Blood!

Ouch! Nia accidently cuts her finger while making Shelly a costume. Join Drew and Nia as they learn about blood.

From Chew to Poo

Poop isn’t a dirty word! Learn all about how your digestive system works with Drew and Nia.

Address That Stress

Everyone gets stressed, including Drew and Nia! Join the two friends as they discuss stress and how to destress.

Meet Drew and Nia!

Hi! I’m Drew and this is my pet opossum, Tater.

Tater and I love to cook, learn, and play with our best friends, Nia and Shelly. My mom works at the Children’s National Hospital (which is actually where I met Nia)! She’s very busy saving lives, so sometimes I’ll help her out by taking care of my baby brother. Do you ever babysit? Maybe you can give me some tips!

Hi! I’m Nia and this is my pet turtle, Shelly.

I love to play soccer and skateboard! My coach likes to joke that I’m somewhat of a prodigy (whatever that means). I also love to play with my best friend, Drew, who is so supportive and always there to lend a helping hand. Together, Drew and I learn so much about science! What would you like to learn?