Staying Safe & General Wellness

There’s a lot going on in our world right now. Understanding how viruses spread, how the body’s immune system works, and what vaccines are can help children and families feel safer in uncertain times.

Use our lesson plans to start open conversations, encourage curiosity about health and the body, and inspire discussions about what it means to feel safe.

Looking for more resources to use when talking to kids about COVID? Click here for “Coping With COVID-19,” a coloring book for kids and parents from the CDC.

Our Lessons

Our lessons are designed for grades K-5 with the flexibility for you to decide how much depth is appropriate for your students. The activities themselves usually take about 5-10 minutes; full lessons might be 20+ minutes with lots of conversation!

Body Defenders: Our Immune SystemGerm Swarm (COVID-19)Vaccinated and FascinatedLet’s Make a Plan
DescriptionLearn about viruses and how our immune system fights them.Design your own germs!Make a model of a vaccine to show how it affects the body.Coming Soon!

Staying Safe with Drew and Nia