Our Teachers

First cohort

  • Marissa Friedman-“My hope is that the METEOR program will give me the experience and knowledge needed to better guide these students towards their dreams. As a chemistry teacher, my students are often conducting inquiry activities and working in the laboratory. I do my best to provide them with research-like opportunities during which they can investigate relationships between different variables and explore the world around them. I have limited research experience from college. I worked in an electrochemistry lab for a little more than a semester. I believe that the METEOR program will provide additional research experience that will improve my students’ experience in the lab. My teaching is limited by my experiences and knowledge. The more I learn and the more laboratory experience I have, the more exposure my students will receive regarding re-search.“How is this relevant” is a favorite question of my students. I can find a lot of ways chemistry is relevant in each of their lives. However, I am confident that I will be able to convince them of the relevance of chemistry and STEM in general after I have experienced this program.”


  • Sherry Richardson– “The  brilliantly structured MTF Program will immerse me in the reality of laboratory research and design. Partnering with the industry’s brightest scientists and investigators to construct a hands-on experience for my students, is an ideal structure for optimal educational re-search experience. The opportunity to collaborate and learn from Children’s Research Institute scientists is the epitome of true research experience. The experts conducting research at CRI are in an optimal position to provide me with exclusive insight into scientific experimental design, execution and application to realistic need. Our contributions as educators and scientists are the experiences that change a student’s life. I experienced the magnificent impact of STEM research programs on students during my time as a STEM leader while participating in the IREX World Smarts STEM Challenge last year. We needed to use specific research strategies like brainstorming, research, prototype design and debriefing. Along with our bi-national team, I watched my students construct and present findings on an indigenous water purifier that earned First Place Finalist in the IREX World Smarts STEM Challenge. More importantly, I watched science research evolve my students into young professionals who overcame cultural barriers, stage fright and minimal research experience to succeed at innovating a solution that will change the world. My role in my students’ life is clear. I must continue to learn if I will continue to teach. The more training I undergo, the better equipped I become to motivate my students to become the greatest scientists this world. has ever imagined. The first step to fulfilling this destiny is embracing perfect opportunities to learn more techniques to provide this learning to my students. The MTF Program will prepare me to ensure my students are ready to be our future scientist and world leaders.”