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Note: We are currently in the process of reformatting and updating some of our lessons, but please feel free to download and utilize the draft versions! All lessons download as a PDF file. Please report any issues in the contact form or to Julia at jmiller3@childrensnational.org. Thanks!

Asthma Lessons

Mucus Madness

Sticky, ooey-gooey mucus sometimes makes it hard to breathe.
STEAM: Make slime: measurement
Health topic: asthma, respiratory system

An Air Affair

We need oxygen for our bodies to function, and the lungs help us get the air we need! Take a deep breath and feel your chest expand – those are your lungs inflating. Exhale and feel them deflate!
STEAM: Make a lung model
Health topic: asthma, respiratory system

Brush Up on Breathing

Lungs are pink and spongy and fill up with air when we breathe in, or inhale.
STEAM: Use sponges to mimic the texture of the lungs
Health topic: asthma, respiratory system

The Nose Knows

Things in the environment can affect how we breathe.
STEAM: Use beads that represent asthma triggers; patterns
Health topic: asthma, respiratory system

SEPA Being Me Asthma Unit

Nutrition Lessons

From Fork to Stomach

The digestive system is what helps us use the food we eat.
STEAM: Use a Ziploc bag to make a model of how the stomach digests food
Health topic: digestion, nutrition

Let’s Make Poop

The digestive system gets our food ready to be poop!
STEAM: Use a model to show how food becomes poop
Health topic: digestion, nutrition

It’s Great to Hydrate

Why do we have to drink so much water?
STEAM: Design a coaster
Health topic: hydration, nutrition

Sleep Lessons

Deep in Sleep

What happens in your brain during sleep?
STEAM: Create an art design out of brain waves.
Health topic: Sleep


Make a stuffed animal to add to you sleep routine.
STEAM: Create a stuffed animal
Health topic: Sleep

Starry Night Light

Make a lantern to add to your sleep routine.
STEAM: Design and make a lantern
Health topic: Sleep

Genetics Lessons

Print Sprint

What are the bumps on our fingers for?
STEAM: Identify your fingerprint type and make a design.
Health topic: Genetics

Blood Breakdown

What is blood and why do we need it?
STEAM: Make a model of the different parts of blood.
Health topic: Genetics

Mental Health Lessons

Address That Stress

It’s totally normal to feel stressed out or worried, but why does that happen?
STEAM: Make a stress ball
Health topic: Mental health

Mindfulness Jars

It’s totally normal to feel stressed out or worried, but what can we do to feel better?
STEAM: Make a Mindfulness Jar
Health topic: Mental health

Bubble Breathing

How can we slow down our thoughts and feelings to make us feel calmer?
STEAM: Make Bubbles and a Bubble Wand
Health topic: Mental health