Bone Zone

Skeletons are more than just decorations for Halloween – bones and muscles are an important part of our body. Understanding how and why to take care of our bones and muscles is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

Use our lesson plans to start open conversations, encourage curiosity about health and the body, and inspire discussions about what it means to feel safe.

Our Lessons

Our lessons are designed for grades K-5 with the flexibility for you to decide how much depth is appropriate for your students. The activities themselves usually take about 5-10 minutes; full lessons might be 20+ minutes with lots of conversation!

Q-Tip SkeletonsLooking “Back” – Spine TimeHigh Five: Investigating Hand MusclesX-Rays, Fractures and Casts
DescriptionLearn about different bones in the body while creating a fun skeleton art project.Become a chiropractor and build a spine!Engineer a working hand model.Check out the physics of fractures!